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do men have resting bitch faces as well or do they not have negative characteristics ascribed to them for putting on a neutral rather than a deliriously happy facial expression

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The doctor told me today my weight was stable for the first time in my life and this is the best news I’ve ever gotten I don’t even care about how sick I am


please all take one moment to watch and appreciate how wonderful this thai commercial is :)



Pulp Fiction (1994)

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Not everyone you lose is a loss.
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I woke up this morning with a huge hangover because some fucker put vodka in the water and everyone was too drunk to realize.

I feel so shitty about myself. I’m so dumb, so ugly, so fat.

I told spotify to play me Chance the Rapper and I got Justin Beiber.

The people you want to be friends with are also the people who sometimes exclude you, like all the time. All the time.